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Alabama fans show their unique and undying obsession with the Crimson Tide in many creative ways: Detailed reproductions of cherished moments, carefully worded stays of justice in trials, elaborate full-body tattoos, Bear Bryant-based reinterpretations of Shakespeare, offering infants to be autographed, etc. And, though they can't pass on their love via DNA (yet; the state's best gene therapists are working around the clock), they can brand their offspring with 'Bama-themed names, as the Witts of Hartselle, Ala., did with both of their boys, Tyde and Saban, in 2005 and 2007.

Not to be outdone in their devotion, J.L. and Jackie Redd of Tallassee, Ala., took the next step in January by introducing their son, Crimson Tide Redd, to the world:

The young couple made an agreement before their son's birth that J.L. could be in charge of naming the baby, wanting to use his last name, Redd, as inspiration.

"His family was extremely excited (about the name choice)," Jackie said.

"Her family couldn't understand why we'd name our child after a football team," J.L. said.

(Her family's choice? Deacon Blues.)

The new mother admits young Crimson "does already have a lot of Alabama stuff," but lest you get the idea he's destined to become the Todd Marinovich of lunatic fandom, the parents entertain no such intentions or fears. They're going to call the boy "Ty," and J.L. insists he isn't going to push his son to Tuscaloosa when Ty inevitably grows up to become a highly sought Division I prospect: "If (Auburn) offers him a scholarship, then I'll be happy for him to go there. We don't have plans to tell him who to be a fan of."

Well, obviously not. That's what the birth certificate is for. And the crimson wallpaper, and the houndstooth bedsheets, and the Jay Barker nightlight, and the "Rammer Jammer" jack-in-the-box with Mark Ingram as the clown ...

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Hat tip: Friends of the Program. The excerpted article appeared in this week's edition of the Tallassee Tribune, which does not put all print stories online.

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