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Let there be no mistake, we are not having a go at the United States Armed Forces, whose work we respect to no end and who's patronage we value at Ball Don't Lie.

Secondly, we are not poking any fun at Jerry Sloan, who can kill a rampaging animal with a gun in half the time it takes most of us to cover a slice of pizza with red pepper flakes.

But this video, featuring Sloan (then with the Chicago Bulls) helping to recruit volunteers for the Air Force? It's sublime, in it's message and execution:

Once you've stopped laughing, consider the casting call for Superman. Did they purposely advertise for a "broke-ass James Caan?" Did they cover Adam West's powder-blue Batman suit with the Superman logo? The ... underwear?

Are you puttin' me on?

(HT: Marc Juliar.)

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Ball Don't Lie

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