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It's a yearly event, just about. The "Andray Blatche wants to get it right" column that you tend to see every offseason, with talented Washington Wizards forward trumpeting his eventual turnaround, how he's really a good guy, how he's going to turn into a better all-around player and team leader, and how he's embarrassed about his career thus far.

Well, perhaps the Washington Post's Michael Lee doesn't get that much honesty out of Andray in his column from Saturday (via PFT),  but it is a good piece and a nice look into Andray's offseason.

And his take on the infamous "Lapdance Tuesday" episode:

"That's the one thing that kind of got me frustrated," he said. "People were like, 'Aw, he's at a strip club!' Or 'He's at a party where they give lap dances!' That was far from the case. It wasn't even close to the case. Everybody down in Miami knows that on Tuesday nights it's a club called Cameo. It's a club. Like if you go to Park, Josephine or Love here. On Tuesdays, it's their theme. That's how it is. It was a regular club. There were no lap dances involved. Nobody got no lap dances, no nothing.

"Why is everybody tripping on me hosting a party?" Blatche asked. "I host parties in D.C. all the time and I get no problem out of it. I went to Miami and it's the offseason. The season is over. I'm just at a party and I get this. That was the craziest thing. I was like, I must have a target on my back, because if I can't go to Miami and host a party and have fun with my friends, what can I do?"

Everybody's tripping, Andray, because the flier for the event referenced "Lapdance Tuesday." That's why. Get a lapdance whenever you want, it's your lap, it's your cash. But when you allow a club to put your picture on a promotional poster that says "Lapdance Tuesday" on it, we're allowed to consider it a little skeevy.

Blatche is doing good things. Lee's column mentions his second visit to Jamaica to provide needed school supplies for children there, and two acts of significant charitable work in Syracuse, New York and Andover, Maryland.

What Wizards fans are after, though, is change on the basketball court. Blatche is often the most talented player on the court, but more than that he's usually the most oblivious, clueless guy amongst the 10 combined on both sides. He chucks up terrible shots, he's useless when it comes to team defense, and he lets the tiniest things take him out of games.

Blatche probably is a pretty good guy, and we respect his attempts at turning it around, again. But we're going to have to see, oh, just about a week's worth of heady play before we can conclude that we're in the presence of the same old Andray.

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