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One of the biggest knocks on the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers is their point guard defense. Or rather, their lack of point guard defense. Noted playoff beard-grower Derek Fisher(notes) seems like a nice guy who always has the player's association's best interest at heart, but he's just not that great at staying in front of his man. If the Lakers want to repeat as champions, they're going to need to figure that out.

They haven't yet.

So nasty they had to show it three times.

Following the game last night, TNT's Craig Sager said that after that dunk the volume of the crowd was 109 db, which is as loud as your typical jet engine. Not that you own a jet engine, but just jet engines in general are about that loud. You know what I mean. Basically, it got really loud because of that dunk.

In fact, you could say there was thunderous applause...

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Ball Don't Lie

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