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Hey, guess what? The Miami Heat won the LeBron James(notes) sweepstakes. As you can imagine, people have a lot of feelings about this. Here are the best.

To start, let's go to Miami, where Heat fans seem to be pretty happy about their free agency haul. And even more happy about blowing out your speakers with screaming. You've been warned.

Whoa, chill out, bros. You are going to blow out your larynges if you keep yelling like that. I can understand the excitement though. The Heat did get three pretty good players this summer.

Of course, not everyone was so happy about LeBron choosing the Heat. So they did the best athlete protest in the history of protesting — the ol' burned jersey move.

Nice one, Cavs fans. It's good to see them rightfully expressing their anger, just like it's good to know that LeBron's family wouldn't have burned down the Cavaliers organization if he'd been traded. That was a big worry during that era, I'm sure.

But my favorite reaction of all, that of complete befuddlement, belongs to R&B tween superstar Justin "Biebdawgs" Bieber.

If Justin Bieber can't trust his sources, then who can? Tough break, little guy.

Of course, if you'd like to throw your reaction in that comment section down there, that'd be pretty cool.

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Ball Don't Lie

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