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So the Celtics are old. You know this already. They've got seven guys on the roster over 30, eight if you count the recently departed Eddie House(notes). Kevin Garnett's(notes) leg is made of wood, Paul Pierce(notes) needs new knees, and Ray Allen's(notes) ankles are really just two pieces of bone held together with rubber cement and bungee cords. Age is starting to catch up to these guys. That being said, even on the Celtics, Michael Finley(notes) gives old a new meaning.

I'm not just talking about being the first Celtic with slightly graying hair, I'm talking about him starting to get old man injuries. You know, like, tearing a knee ligament while shoveling or spraining a neck while sleeping. Or maybe, say, straining his back while picking up a suitcase, which actually happened to Old Man Finley Wednesday.

"It's amazing. Eddie [Lacerte, the team trainer] called me today because he didn't think Mike could play because he strained his back in his room picking up luggage," [Celtics coach Doc] Rivers said. "That's when you know you're old. Mike went out and warmed up and said he was great."

What is Finley doing carrying his own luggage? Didn't any of the younger Celtics learn that you should give the elderly a hand when they're struggling with their suitcases? It's just nice.

But Findog wasn't the only Bostonian to suffer an age-related malady. Kevin Garnett was struck with a minor case of oldness during the game against the Raptors when he and Jose Calderon(notes) smacked into each other, leaving KG limping.

"Old age again," Rivers said. "We're old. We get hurt running sometimes. I was surprised to see him behind me. He was at the scorer's table. That was a good sign for me, but I never ask."

When you get to be that old, things just start falling apart. They say the legs are the first to go. Let's just hope the Boston training staff has mass quantities of Ensure, Metamucil and Bengay to help these geezers get over their various bumps and bruises.

And would it kill them to turn down the locker room music to a respectable level every once in a while? Golly!

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Ball Don't Lie

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