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Back in the olden days of the Internet — we're talking way back in 2006 — Gilbert Arenas(notes) was still bringing the ruckus. But back then, it was for good stuff, not gun stuff.

You see, back in '06, Arenas set the league on fire by wearing low-top shoes. They were kind of a big deal. He met with the press about his preference for low-tops, and he even unleashed a very Arenas-ian quote about the subject.

"I can only wear low tops because, in reality, all shoes are low tops. It you ever put on a pair of high-top shoes and you stick your finger in it, it won't get tight until the low part. So, high top is just for show."

Whatever you say, Gil. He was a lone short-shoed wolf in a forest full of high-topped trees. Excellent metaphor, Trey.

But then, two years later, Kobe Bryant(notes) debuted his low-top signature shoe, which supposedly allowed him greater range of motion. Now, everyone is wearing lows, throwing ankle caution to the wind.

Here's a list of players who have at some point this season worn low-top shoes. I'm sure it's not complete because these guys change shoes like Dennis Rodman changed hair colors. However, you'll notice that this is a pretty big group of players, and quite a few big names. That's a lot of valuable ankle tendons.

Steve Nash(notes)
Kobe Bryant
Rajon Rondo(notes)
Lamar Odom(notes)
DeMar DeRozan(notes)
Mo Williams(notes)
Nate Robinson(notes)
Mike Miller(notes)
Rodrigue Beaubois(notes)
J.R. Smith(notes)
Al Harrington(notes)
Kyle Lowry(notes)
Derek Fisher(notes)
Channing Frye(notes)
Tyson Chandler(notes)
Shannon Brown(notes)
Aaron Brooks(notes)
Nick Young(notes)
Chris Duhon(notes)
Will Bynum(notes)
Andre Iguodala(notes)
DJ Mbenga(notes)
Ronny Turiaf(notes)
C.J. Watson(notes)
Mickael Pietrus(notes)
Kirk Hinrich(notes)
Russell Westbrook(notes)

I'm sure there are some guys missing, so let us know who else wears lows down below.

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