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It's not even June yet and the LeBron James(notes) free-agent courting extravaganza is already turning into a hilarious game of one-upmanship. The websites were funny enough. Then, Cleveland came out with "Please Stay LeBron" just to make you have some giggles and it worked. That's a pretty good start for the second week of May, if you ask me.

Not wanting to be outdone, Clippers fans are kicking things up a notch — BAM! — they're taking this free agency thing into the real world

Fans of the Clippers have planned a march around Staples Center at 6 p.m. ET on May 27 at L.A. Live to "Bring Lebron to the L.A. Clippers."

Lebron James in an unrestricted free agent and the Clippers are one of the teams that has room under the NBA salary cap to sign the superstar.

As I'm sure you can guess, the parade is the mind-baby of Clipper Darrell, who is literally the world's biggest Clippers fan. And if the idea of a Clippers parade for LeBron James isn't enough to make you smile, perhaps the fact that it's being scheduled to take place at the Staples Center on the day of a possible Game 5 between the Lakers and Suns will do the trick, because that seems like a recipe for disaster.

Some Clippers fans on the Internet agree. For instance, "El_Nino_Jesus":

[...] I DO however picture Laker fans laughing at us and teasing us, ya know they would

Yep, that'd happen. Of course, laughing and teasing aren't nearly as bad as what "MrHill" is worried about:

One thing I strongly suggest (and I'm not advocating any violence what so ever)...bring protection! We all know that many Laker fans aren't the brightest, and you know some of them will be looking for trouble.

I don't know about you, but I am now very excited for May 27 to see what all goes down. At the very least, I'm hoping for some pictures that look straight out of a Michael Jackson video.

I'm not sure where you go after a parade, though. Surely someone will get one of those planes with a banner behind it to fly over LeBron's house, but other than that I'm stumped. Maybe a really nice PowerPoint presentation or something.

(h/t Arash Markazi)

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