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Almost three years ago to the, um, year, Deadspin's Will Leitch set out to salute the most outstanding blogs for each NBA team. He called it "Blogdom's Best." So cute. But a lot has changed in the last few years - Ballhype, Blog World, RSS feeds! - so we here at Ball Don't Lie have decided to take a second look. This afternoon: the best Washington Wizards blogs. 

After a startling spell that saw the team only make the playoffs one time in 17 years, the Wizards have been consistent favorites to hit the middle of that Eastern Conference road since 2004-05. 45 wins, just about every time out.

The team itself, through various permutations, is hardly middle of the road. This is a locker room unlike any other, and has been for years, even with the losing was on. And though the brilliant D.C. Sports Bog missed our cut (not entirely Wizards-centric, though Steinz breaks more news regarding this team than anyone else), that's the place to go to find out what the nutters from the Beltway are up to to-day.

The others? Hit the jump.

3. Les Bullez - Covers the team quite well. Solid analysis.

2. Truth About It - One of the best writers on the ‘net, one of the best Photoshoppers, it's hard to believe a site like this can come in second. A tremendous daily read, especially during the season.

1. Bullets Forever - A knockout team blog, covering all angles, essentially serving as a morning go-to spot that replaces newspapers and all the other sites, in a pinch. Pradamaster is a giant in this industry.


1. THE WIZZNUTZZ - You know why.

If you would like to nominate a specific team blog for selection, let us know right here.

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