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Sometimes, the stories write themselves and my job is very easy. Now is one of those times.

Yep, that's Ron Artest(notes) being stopped by police for driving a tiny race car through Los Angeles. Vin Diesel would be proud.

Here's the story, according to TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell us Artest was cited because the registration on the car was expired. But get this -- we're told the car isn't even registered to Ron ... but somebody out in Tennessee.

Ron -- who was smiling throughout the entire incident -- was eventually sent on his way ... but sources tell us cops were "very happy" he was wearing a helmet.

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Ron Artest was driving through Los Angeles in a likely borrowed miniature race car. That's awesome for so, so many reasons. It's almost like he lives his life inside the pleasure centers of every blogger's brain. His reality show will be a bottomless well of astonishing wonder.

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Ball Don't Lie

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