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Depending on your worldview, Rasheed Wallace(notes) is either one of your favorite basketball players, or one of your least favorite. You could say he's "polarizing," but I think that word has been reserved for discussions about Kobe Bryant(notes).

One of the things that infuriates those who aren't big 'Sheed fans is his reluctance to go down low, even though he wears a signature shoe that features a picture of him doing a post move. But for Rasheed, that's all part of the plan.

"You know, I don't show my whole package during the beginning of the season. If you do, then that's what's going to be in the scouting report on me. So now, come money time, it'll say that I'm going to go to the turnaround. Yeah, I'm going to turn around, but I'm going to go by you left, by you right, come with the jump hook. I told my buddy to look at it like a kung fu teacher. I might teach you the lotus and I might teach you the tiger, but I'm not going to teach you the crane, because the crane can beat both of them."

Amazingly, that's not a Ron Artest(notes) quote. It's actually from a lengthy discussion with Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald about why he doesn't show off his wide array of post moves.

It's a good read, and it's encouraging to hear that 'Sheed has actually been following through on his plan to post up more often. But there's nothing that can get the image out of my head of Rasheed Wallace as a kung fu teacher.

I'm imagining a scenario where Rasheed drop-steps, yells "BELT DON'T LIE!" at the top of his lungs, then points to his black belt.

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Ball Don't Lie

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