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Everyone has their own opinion on how to use Twitter. It can be used for jokes, news or as a meme incubator among many other uses. Furthermore, who am I to tell people how they should use Twitter? I have a picture of Brad Miller(notes) with cornrows for my background and my profile picture is my head on pilgrim Kobe's body. No one really knows the best way to use Twitter because there is no best way.

But geez oh whiz, guys — Chris Bosh(notes) is kind of trying to find a worst way, mostly by using Twitter to make Toronto feel sad about him being a free agent. First, he asked where he should go, and now he's changed the details of his Twitter account to remove any reference to Toronto or the Raptors.

From the Toronto Star:

The Raptors' all-star forward -- at least, that's his designation until July 1, when the NBA declares open season on players out of contract -- changed his location from Toronto to "Everywhere" on his Twitter account, and removed a biography section that noted his status as Raptors captain. Meantime, his website was listed as down for maintenance on Tuesday morning.

Awww, sad face. This is totally like when Tommy broke up with Ashley by changing his Facebook relationship status to "It's complicated" before even telling Ashley that he was mad at her. Not cool, Chris.

This is all quite silly, of course. It's just a Twitter account, and technically "everywhere" does include Toronto. But it's also kind of lame for Chris Bosh to be constantly reminding Raptor fans that he might be leaving this summer. I think Matt Moore of ProBasketballTalk summed it up pretty well.

So now Bosh has publicly opened the door to everyone on his decision, forcing Raptors to watch him elect not to return, has showed up at a Lakers game clearly reveling in the attention, and is now removing references to his team from his social media account. It's not a slap in the face, but it's not a firm hug, either.

It's pretty evident from Bosh's rather public requests for affection that he's looking to greener pastures. The hype that's progressively grown about Bosh as the best available free agent on the market has gone nuclear since Dwyane Wade's(notes) public comments about him likely returning to Miami. And that hype may have gone to his head, as his behavior lately has seemingly been geared specifically to garner more attention.

With LeBron James(notes) in the playoffs and Dwyane Wade having just been eliminated, this is one of the first times that Bosh's future isn't being overshadowed. He's clearly enjoying it. It's just too bad that it comes at the expense of the fans who have supported him for seven years.

Then again, not every Twitter account can be as perfect as the Big Ben clock.

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