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Talk about counting your championships before they clinch!

The Lakers are only halfway to winning the 2009 NBA Finals — and just barely at that — but already the Los Angeles Police Department is planning the when-and-where behind their victory parade.

Cara Mia DiMassa of the Los Angeles Times:

In an e-mail to the downtown community Tuesday, LAPD Capt. Blake Chow said that a Lakers victory parade could happen as soon as Monday, should the team sweep the Orlando Magic in four games.  A parade would begin at Staples Center about 11 a.m., travel south on Figueroa and end at the Coliseum about 1 p.m.

Should it take a bit longer to clinch the title, [which it obviously will] the parade could be held Wednesday, June 17th (if they win in five games); Friday the 19th (in six games) or Monday the 22nd (if it takes the full seven games).

And if a victory parade ends up being held in Orlan— BITE YOUR TONGUE! Not happenin', says Chow.

Now, before anyone goes crazy in the comments; yes, I'm being slightly facetious. Parades are huge, logistical nightmares that must be planned days, if not weeks, in advance. I wouldn't be surprised if Orlando city officials are mapping their route as well.

With that said, the LAPD and Times really should have tried harder to keep these plans quiet. Magic coach Stan Van Gundy will have this "slight" plastered all over his Game 4 bulletin board come Thursday night. Just you wait and see. Motivation is one hell of a drug, kids.

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