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Jalen Rose gets pulled over for speeding hours after his DUI convictionTwenty-five miles per hour, especially when there's nobody around, is hard to sustain. We've all done 30. We've all been distracted, noticed that we're actually doing 33, and taken our foot off the throttle to slow things down. But 46 mph, in a 25? That's pretty significant.

Forty-six in a 25 on your way home from being sentenced to time in jail for a drunk driving conviction? That's something else entirely. And that's what Jalen Rose pulled off, on Wednesday night. Come on, Jalen.

Rose is, truly, a good man. And in person I've seen him pull away from the United Center in Chicago in a very fast car, on an empty Madison street late at night, driving very sensibly. This isn't bad luck, but this isn't a bad person.

Still, his reaction to his drunk driving crash and this stupid (got another word for it?) reaction from Wednesday night should have everyone questioning his judgment when it comes to driving a car. Everyone's bound to make a mistake from time to time, but to be hit for an egregious mistake just hours after being sentenced to jail time over a really, really, really egregious mistake?

OK, Jalen. Low point starts … NOW.

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Ball Don't Lie

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