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Right at the start of the third act of Ron Artest's(notes) now-famous "I Want to Thank Everyone" one-man play, Ron-Ron amazed even himself by realizing that he'd recorded a rap song called "Champions" 12 months ago. Considering he wasn't even a Laker at the time, it was a pretty amazing set of circumstances that led to a perfect marketing plan for Artest's new single. And since Al Gore invented the Internet, you now have a chance to feast your ears upon the song. Do so, right now.

As The Sound of Young America host Jesse Thorn says, "It's kind of weird how not-embarrassing Ron Artest's single is, right?" Totally right. In fact, I'd say this is the best athlete rap song of all-time in the non-unintentional comedy division. Strangely enough, another Laker — Kobe Bryant(notes)holds the title in that competition.

With lyrical shout-outs that include a buzzer-beater (wassup Game 5 in Phoenix) and a Game 7 victory (the NBA Finals, no doy), Ron Artest's prognostication skills are clearly on par with his completely unhinged interview skills. Predicting an NBA championship is hard enough, nailing the little details along the way is another beast altogether. That alone should help Artest sell more than 365 copies, whenever his next album drops.

If you really like this, or are a Laker rap completist, you can download the song for free at Nah Right. It'll fit in great on your Queensbridge playlist, right between Prodigy and Roxanne Shante.

(image via Tiffkathlee)

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Ball Don't Lie

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