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Someone needs to give Kobe Bryant(notes) a hand with his face. Doesn't he know that he's supposed to stick his jaw out like an angry beaver when he does something good? Or maybe this is just the next phase in silly Kobe Bryant celebrations. Somebody needs to start the Twitter @kobesscrunchface. It'll be huge. Best caption wins a bag of lemons. Good luck.

Previously, three guys, a plane and a trophy.

Winner, RMJ = Hero: "Using his typically precise footwork and basketball acumen, Cowens was able to shoot a series of low-post instructional videos entitled 'Fakes on a Plane.'"

Runner-up, RobertT: "Dave Cowens: I'm not Dave Cowens, my name is Roger Murdoch, I'm the co-pilot. I use to be a taxi driver."

Second runner-up, konsanford: "Dave Cowens clearly couldn't compete in the annual 'Necktieoneupsmanship Contest' the pilots were all participating in."

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Ball Don't Lie

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