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Sometimes when you get cut from the United States men's basketball team you just have to ride your Segway through the closest fast-food drive-thru. We've all been there, I'm sure. But how did JaVale McGee(notes) get there? Either he lives close enough that he could Segway from home to McDonald's, or he had someone drive him and his Segway to Mickey D's just so they could take this picture. Either story is both believable and awesome. Best explanation wins a Segway. Good luck.

Previously, Ray Allen stoically enjoys a WNBA game.

Winner, jrob: "Guy in pink: "I wasn't sure it was possible, but there is a guy balder than me."

Runner-up, Sean: "Pink shirt man: Haha, look! Ray Allen(notes) and Kendrick Perkins(notes) got stood up!
Allen: My girlfriend is totally still coming. She's a model from Canada, so you wouldn't know her.
Perkins: Yeah mine too!
Allen: Yeah, his too!"

Second runner-up, Evan A: "Ray Allen, a known streak clapper, struggles to find his rhythm."

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Ball Don't Lie

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