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On Friday, ESPN's Ric Bucher sent this note out, via Twitter.

Could NBA teams get a $1 million fine just for a re-tweet?

Now, while this might just be a bit of fear-mongering among NBA owners, sent out to warn their more basketball-concerned (something that NBA owners, obviously, are most-assuredly not) employees to stay the heck away from the NBA's locked out players.

And, honestly, I'd like to see the NBA try. Could you imagine the negative press it'd get if Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey decided to re-tweet one of Yao Ming's(notes) nicer sentiments on Twitter? Fine them a million bucks, and take some draft picks? The cable TV outrage, rightfully, would be huge.

Secondly, but most importantly to people like me who are prone to gaffes and an issue with dumb thumbs, is a potential $1 million accident. Most of these GMs or team employees live on their phones. That's how they do most of their tweeting or reading of Twitter. I'm the same way, especially at night or away from the house, as I scroll through tweet after tweet looking for things to email myself to catch up on and/or write about later.

And, more often than I'd like to admit, a step-slow phone or (more likely) a step-slow brain and pair of daffy opposable thumbs has me re-tweeting something, rather than sending it to myself, or even just clicking on it to get a close-up of the picture of whatever that player just bought at the mall.

So could we see a GM or trainer or staffer or even broadcaster click his way, even accidentally, to a major fine and/or penalty? To hear the NBA tell it, it might just be one dumb thumb away.

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Ball Don't Lie

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