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A new mural of Cavaliers superstar LeBron James(notes) may be too much for city officials in Cleveland.

And by "too much," I mean too little "Forest City" references and clothing.

The Cleveland Planning Commission tabled Nike's request to replace a massive 10-story mural of James that hangs from an office building across from the Cavaliers' Quicken Loans Arena. Nike wants to replace the famous "We Are All Witnesses" banner with the semi-creepy one pictured above — LeBron, shirtless and lizard-like, "preparing for combat" with nothing more than a cold, hard stare and a basketball.

According to Tom Breckenridge of The Plain Dealer, city design officials rued the fact that "Cleveland" and "Cavaliers" have no presence on the proposed banner. LBJ wears a Cavs jersey on the current mural.

Certain officials also took offense at the excessive skin and "war" reference, especially at a time when U.S. soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. (Not to mention Delonte West's latest troubles.)

As such, the committee has decided to shelve the mural request, with a recommendation that Nike come up with "something more positive" and maybe a reference or two to the Cavs or Cleveland.

Good idea. Might I suggest this? (I'm kidding, Cleveland. Relax.)

Cheers, Waiting For Next Year.

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Ball Don't Lie

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