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BDL's completely pointless, albeit oddly entertaining, Bedlam Tournament continues. Thanks to your help, we've compiled a list of 32 things that you may or may not love about the NBA and seeded them into four regions. We'll unveil all of the first round match-ups over the course of this week. Voting is open 'til Sunday.

Our final match-up in the Intro Region: No. 1 seed Cavs' pre-game theatrics (includes LeBron's "chalk toss" and the team's "photo-op" pose) vs. No. 8 seed Celtics' dancing phenom Daylon Trotman. A closer look at the entertaining nominees:

No. 1 Cavs' pre-game theatrics: Take your pick: LeBron's famous "chalk toss" ritual or the new one where he pretends to grab a bunch of cameras from his teammates and snaps pictures of them as if they're high school students out in front of the C.N. Tower.

No. 8 Celtics' dancing phenom Daylon Trotman: Ask Ellen Degeneres — this kid has faster moves than Rajon Rondo!

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So, who/what makes it through to the next round? What do you love more? Vote now.

POLL CLOSED: Cavs' thearics win with 50.1% of the vote. (Final tally: Cavs: 5,035, Daylon: 4,950)
Click and scroll to vote on all of the Bedlam first round match-ups. Voting remains open 'til Sunday.

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