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This is the way it goes in NASCAR these days. Brian Scott is the rookie points leader in the Nationwide series. And on Monday, Braun Motorsports announced that Scott was out of a job. At the same time, Michael Waltrip Racing handed Trevor Bayne his walking papers. That's two very high-profile Nationwide drivers suddenly rideless, and the reasons behind their separations are raising a few eyebrows across NASCAR.

Both drivers ought to be fine, in the long term if not the short one. Scott holds the rookie points lead by only a single point over Ricky Stenhouse Jr., and would like to get a ride for the last few races to hold onto that. He's been mentioned as a possibility to join Joe Gibbs Racing in 2011. Bayne, for his part, has also drawn rumored interest from Roush Fenway Racing.

The question is, who'll go first? And why? Kenny Wallace offered up his own thoughts on Twitter, and lo and behold, he kicked off a little bit of a firestorm:

Oh, boy.

The role of money in NASCAR is no secret; plenty of talented drivers go wanting while less-talented but richer ones get seats. Wallace piled on with this:

And he continued onward, burning a few bridges as he went ...

Scott's reply was a hurt, "why's everybody picking on me" one:

The two allegedly later kissed and made up, and may go out for "hot chocolate," in Scott's words, somewhere along the line. Awww.

Bottom line, though -- Wallace was playing his usual over-the-top buffoon role, but he was essentially correct. Money is king, now more than ever. Scott and Bayne should be just fine, but there will be quite a few drivers a little further back on the developmental scale who will likely suffer as a result.

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