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Sad news out of Talladega this weekend, as Pit Road Commitment Cone has perished as a result of an on-track accident involving Kurt Busch.

Cone had served faithfully at the track for many years, and was a visible and reliable presence at the superspeedway. "I don't know anybody who didn't respect Cone," a visibly shaken Jimmie Johnson said afterward. Other drivers echoed the sentiment; Cone's word was law around Talladega, but he was evenhanded. So to speak.

Cone is survived by his wife, Beer Stand Flag, and a son who also works at the track. "Our boy had grown up to be a pit box marker sign," Cone's wife said. "Of course, it was for Paul Menard, but still ... This was his first race hanging over pit road, and maybe Cone was watching him when he ... " Her voice trailed off.

Video exists of the fatal crash, but we warn you -- it is graphic in nature. Please escort small children from the room before watching the video below:

Cone will be interred at the Anniston Landfill. Donations are being accepted at all Talladega souvenir stands.

We are grateful to Tuffy R. Tuffenstein for the illustration.

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