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Las Vegas is buzzing about what sounds like a wacky real-life movie plot and now it's reached another level with the inclusion of UFC star Tito Ortiz.

Keith Harriman is facing 12 felony counts connected to a plot to have his 27-year-old son killed. He'd complained of not having the money to hire sufficient legal representation, so putting up the money to cover his $500,000 bond was out of the question. That was until Ortiz came into the picture.

The former UFC light heavyweight champ posted the necessary money on the down low, but because of Harriman's claims that he's indigent, a district judge forced him to reveal who posted the bail.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Ortiz and Harriman, 49, have a relationship through Harriman's brother.

Ortiz, a former Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight champion, apparently has a relationship with Keith Harriman's brother, Wayne Harriman, a used car dealer in Las Vegas.

According to published reports, Wayne Harriman helped bridge a rift between Ortiz and UFC chairman Dana White that led to a six-fight contract.

Ortiz has gotten himself involved in a wild story.

At a preliminary hearing in February, Dominick Harriman testified his father wanted him dead because he told insurance fraud investigators his father's $160,000 burglary loss claim was a scam to feed a crack cocaine addiction. Dominick Harriman also said his father was angry because he had slept with both his dad's ex-girlfriend and his ex-wife.

Dominick Harriman was shot at least nine times Aug. 27 at the used car dealership where he worked for his uncle, Wayne Harriman, at Nice Cars of Nevada, 3401 S. Decatur Blvd. The shooter has not been identified.

Ortiz spent a few days in Las Vegas last week around the UFC's Fighter Summit at the Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa.

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