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The reports of Wanderlei Silva's facial surgery have been confirmed by MMAMania. Looks like he had work down around his eyes and maybe his schnoz. This isn't the first time a fighter has undergone surgery on his face. Marcus Davis had his eyes repaired in an effort to prevent cuts..

Let's hope that's swelling on Silva's grill. Otherwise, he may have overdone it. He doesn't even look like the same guy. He should've learned a lesson from Jerry Jones' plastic surgery disaster. Kidding.

Silva was rumored for UFC's November 14 card in Manchester, England against Michael Bisping. Earlier this week on his blog, Bisping confirmed that he wouldn't be fighting Wandy:

"Quick update on the potential Wanderlei Silva fight. Unfortunately thats not gonna happen. He’s undergone facial surgery, so obviously won’t be fighting in the near future. Rumours are he’s actually out for the rest of the year. So as of right now, Im still unaware of who I’ll be facing at UFC 105. Obviously as stated before, when I know, you know."

UFC is up against the wall on this one. Clearly you want Bisping on the card but who can fight that will help ticket sales? Silva would've been a slam dunk for the hardcore European fans. Give me the names that excite you in a middleweight fight against Bisping.

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