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Brandon Vera is a cool cat who generally rolls with the punches but it was a little odd to hear that he thought Krzysztof Soszynski presented basically the same issues as his original opponent at UFC 102 Matt Hamill. Hamill is a strong wrestler, whose striking is so-so. Soszynski is far from a takedown specialist and possesses excellent knockout power. Vera disagrees, he said the only major change is that Soszynski's a southpaw.

"I think they're the same. Krzysztof has great wrestling. He trains with Dan Henderson with those guys at Team Quest. You know his clinch is going to be good. He's probably going to be more willing than Matt Hamill would be. but their technique is about the same."

I still think Soszynski is the more dangerous fighter on the feet. Hamill is a sloppy striker with a poor gas tank and leaves himself openly defensively. But Soszysnki (18-8-1, 3-0 UFC) may also serve as the better opponent for Vera (10-3, 6-3 UFC), who has had trouble finding his striking rythym against some of his recent opponents. He needs a huge win to get back in the good graces of UFC. Bloody Elbow's Luke Thomas goes as far as saying this is a make or break fight for Vera.

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