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Matt Hughes isn't afraid to state his opinion even if it rubs people the wrong way and that includes Las Vegans. Hughes told a crowd in Columbus during UFC 96 Q & A that he didn't like Las Vegas. Dug Dugless from ESPNRadio1100 asked Hughes why he didn't like Vegas. Dana White jumped in and said Hughes sounds like President Obama. Before answering the query, Hughes fired back at White (1:51 mark):

"DW, don't compare me to that guy."

Hughes then listed the reasons he dislikes Las Vegas:

"I'm not a nightlife guy. I generally go to bed nine o'clock every night. I do gamble a little bit but I'm not a club guy. I'm a farm guy. This is the exact opposite from my farm. It's about the opposite of what I'm from."

Matt Serra was fed a meatball was asked why he doesn't like Hughes. He said all you had to do was watch The Ultimate Fighter (0:30 mark):

"Rent Season Two, go to Season Four and get halfway through Season Six. If you don't agree with me I probably won't like you either."

Hughes said he's been through the emotion of a fight like this when he fought Frank Trigg at UFC 45 and UFC 52. He said his dislike of Serra was a blessing, no longer was fighting stale and he got into the gym early.

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