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With mixed martial arts still a relatively underexposed sport, you'd think UFC president Dana White would be thrilled to see his fighters get more and more opportunities to do television and movies. You'd be thinking incorrectly. White was steaming all week, taking little digs at Quinton Jackson, about his fighters passing on fights because Hollywood has come calling. Jackson is forcing the promotion to push back a planned fight between himself and Rashad Evans, the coaches on The Ultimate Fighter 10, because he's in the new A-Team movie:

"He wants to take the Rashad fight. He's in Vancouver making this movie," said White, who indicated that he finally spoke to Jackson after freezing him out the last few weeks. "Now we have to figure out when."

Initials thoughts were that the Jackson-Evans fight would be pushed back just one or two events from the originally scheduled December 12 date.

"It was supposed to be done right around December, now he's saying they do makeup dates and things like that, so now he couldn't even fight in February."

White isn't quite as harsh on Chuck Liddell's TV gig. "The Iceman" debuts this evening on Dancing With The Stars. The difference is Liddell, who has lost four-of-five fight is mulling retirement and Jackson is still active and a top five fighter at light heavyweight. White doesn't want Liddell to fight anymore but he is open to listening to Liddell make his pitch once DWTS is done.

"Chuck doing Dancing With The Stars is great. He weighs like 212. He doesn't weigh 212 the week of a fight. He's taking this more seriously than he was taking the fighting," joked White.

White says it's also different with Rampage because there was a commitment to fight Evans at the completion of The Ultimate Fighter 9. It also screws Evans and makes a UFC trip to Memphis, Jackson's hometown, a risky event now.

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