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Tony Ferguson ekes out decision over Yves Edwards at TUF 14 finale

The previous winner of "The Ultimate Fighter," Tony Ferguson, got another win at a TUF finale, getting a decision over veteran fighter Yves Edwards on Saturday night in Las Vegas. The judges saw it 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 for Ferguson.

Ferguson started aggressively, throwing several leg kicks early in the first round. Edwards responded with a massive head kick and powerful strikes, catching Ferguson with a powerful leg kick as Ferguson was spinning around.  Ferguson came on strong late in the round with a series of combinations that shook Edwards. He struggled to find his bearing as he leaned against the fence, but managed to recover and hit Ferguson with a head kick.

In the final 30 seconds of the round, Edwards shot on Ferguson, who rolled to put Edwards in a shoulder lock. Edwards managed to get out of the bad position as the round ended.

Edwards came out strong in the second, landing several punches and a flying knee early in the round. Ferguson's nose began to bleed about halfway through the round from the flurry of action. With 1:30 left, Edwards rocked Ferguson with a punch, but he stayed on his feet. The bout finally went to the ground with about 20 seconds left, as Ferguson got a takedown.

Both men turned to kicks in the third round. Ferguson opened the round with a painful body kick, while Edwards used several leg kicks and head kicks to wear down "The Ultimate Fighter" winner. They finished with a big flurry in the final 10 seconds with both fighters throwing every punch they had to convince judges who won the fight.

Ferguson is now 3-0 in the UFC with an overall record of 13-2. Edwards, who was fighting professionally when Ferguson was still in high school, is now 41-18-1.

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