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This week, MMA fans have many option of watching live MMA on television. Of course, depending on where they live and which cable provider they use, they may not have much MMA to watch at all.

Shine Fights, who had to make a last-minute venue change after licensing problems arose in Virginia, will not be sold as a pay-per-view on DirecTV. According to MMA Fighting, the one-night tournament in Oklahoma will not be shown because DirecTV is concerned that it will be canceled at the last minute.

Shark Fights, the Saturday night card that will feature Keith Jardine's first bout since being cut by the UFC, will also not be shown via DirecTV

Other cable providers, including Comcast, will still show both events for $29.99.

Televison troubles are not limited to pay-per-view events, as Bellator's deal with Fox Sports Net is not the sweetheart deal it appeared to be. In the promotion's (and my) hometown of Chicago, Bellator has been getting the shaft. The fights don't normally air until 11 p.m. local time, well after the fights are over. This week, it's not airing until after midnight, at 12:30 a.m.

The only way for MMA fans to combat this is to get loud. If you're a DirecTV subscriber, call or email them to complain. If the Bellator fights were pre-empted by a replay of a Astros-Pirates game, call your local Fox affiliate to tell them this is not OK. 

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