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No one should be shocked that 41-year-old Affliction VP Tom Atencio is stepping into the ring for a professional MMA fight this weekend. After all, this is the same guy running a multi-million dollar apparel company who decided to take on the mighty UFC by promoting his own mega-fights. The guy is a dreamer and a risk taker.

Atencio, who has one professional under his belt (back in 2005), is taking on a card dealer from Mississippi named Randy Hedderick in Biloxi, Mississippi tomorrow night on pay-per-view. Why is a guy like this taking the risk of getting his face beaten in:

"I'm never concerned with what people think," Atencio told CagePotato. "Once I started being in the public eye I stopped caring about that. You just can't. There are always going to be those people. They say my next [Affliction] event will be my last event. They said that about the first one. But if you're going to be out there you can't listen to any of that."

Atencio trains everyday around 2 o'clock, saying he's no different than any other fighter who has a real job. Atencio compares his interest in fighting to that of other weekend warriors who may bowl or play softball.

"For no reason. For me. Why do other guys go out and play sports on the weekend? It's the same thing."

MMA seems a little more intense and slightly more dangerous than throwing some beers back with the fellas playing those other sports.

Make sure you check out the entire CP interview with Atencio. He also touches on the recent UFC apparel ban for UFC 100.

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