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The UFC announced its heading to Ontario next April. Mixed martial arts has been legalized in the Canadian province, but that doesn't mean everyone is fired up to see the MMA giant land in Toronto's Rogers Centre. CBC News covered the announcement with a business reporter, Amanda Lang, who had a predictable take on the sport.

Lang tried to cover both sides, pro and con, but the constant images of blood and violence probably makes this three and a half minute report nearly intolerable for those who have watched MMA for years. 

Dana White, who is featured in the piece, tweeted the news report. The last major CBC special on the UFC, also focusing on the business-side, was a pretty intense hit piece.

With the latest CBC coverage, Ontario sounds like the U.S. was in the early 2000's. If the CBC is accurately portraying the mood in Ontario, it looks like many Canadians will need time to accept the sport as legitimate.

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