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Steve Lopez did belong on The Ultimate Fighter 9 after all. He was way in over his head in a fight against UFC veteran Jim Miller. Lopez, who missed out on making the U.S. team for TUF 9, showed rudimentary skills standing, including holding his right hand out of southpaw stance way too low. Miller eventually landed a huge left hand that floored Lopez with 1:45 left in the first round. On the ground, Lopez was greeted with some big bombs from Miller. The fight ended oddly at the start of the second round. Lopez missed with a jab and it looked like he separated dislocated his shoulder. He immediately grabbed it and called over the referee. The fight was stopped at the 0:48 of the second.

"It was definitely popped out," Miller said of Lopez's shoulder. "He's a tough kid. I'm very unsatisfied. That's not how I wat to get the win. I want a knockout, a submission or the ref to pull me off a fighter. Not like that."

Lopez needs to improve a lot before he calls UFC vets "midgets" as he did to the 5-foot-6 Miller in prefight video saying, "I'm going to send that midget back to 145 [pounds]." That stuff might fly against newbies on the reality show but it doesn't against a grinder like Miller (15-3, 4-1 UFC). Plus they like to be called "little people."

Update: Lopez did suffer a dislocated shoulder. It was popped back into place shortly after the fight. He did not have to visit the hospital

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