Well, I imagine our intrepid Rox Girl is stuck in a snow bank somewhere this morning, repeatedly saying this: "Elcoby Jellsbury and Pustin Dedroia? HOW!?!?! They're so young!!"

Then, she probably takes a swig of Rocky Mountain moonshine from a flask, and a nice man carrying all of his possessions in a shopping cart tells her to cheer up.

Crude? Maybe, but Red Sox fans everywhere are on the edge of euphoria again this morning, and dagummit, they know it. You don't take a 3-0 lead in a seven-game series without confidence, especially when you have the potential perfect ending to a long year for Jon "Cancer Ain't No Thang" Lester. And, if that doesn't work, there's Josh Beckett going in Game 5. And he hates people celebrating on his watch.

I could prattle on, but I'd prefer to get to what bloggers from both sides are saying this morning. Understandably, a number of Rockies bloggers (ahem) are rather quiet, but we'll start with Colorado's Rockie Mountain Rooters:

Sunday Morning Rockpile: What's Going On?: Not much, it seems. Hawpe strikes out eight times in the series; Fuentes can't keep the game close; and, after neither side of the game showed up in the first contest, one side disappeared in each of the following games. That must mean both will show up tonight, right? Thinking about that is better than reading crap about better words of wisdom for the Rockies than the ones they already have. ( Purple Row)

A Night of Mixed Emotions: It was almost surreal wasn't it? The Fox pregame show at Coors Field. Joe Suck and Tim McCarver calling a baseball game in Denver. Carrie Underwood. The giant American flag covering more ground in the outfield than five outfielders could. Nothing says special occasion better than that. Of course I did say there were mixed emotions. The other side of the coin was the Boston Red Sox once again imposing their overwhelming will on a seemingly overmatched Rockies squad. I don't think there's any shame in admitting the obvious. From Beckett's first fastball in Game 1 to Papelbon's final bat breaker in Game 3, it's been Boston having its way. ( Bugs & Cranks)

Rockies Failed to Test Ortiz's 'D': For all the trees sacrificed and cyberspace highway traffic jammed over David Ortiz's suspect defense, the Rockies didn't exploit the Red Sox first baseman. They didn't attempt a bunt, making him test his tender right knee. He didn't move much at all, and in fact showed soft hands when fielding a Matt Holliday groundball in the fourth inning. ( Denver Post Blog)

.... And that's darn near it. I may be missing something, but the reaction to Game 3 has been verrrrry muted in the Rockies blogosphere. As for the Red Sox:

Striking Distance: I should be asleep. I didn't get into bed until 3 this morning. It's Sunday and the Pats game doesn't start until 4:15. There is absolutely no good reason I should be awake right now. Except that this morning is the morning the cat has decided that I absolutely cannot sleep past 8 o'clock. He attempted to get me out of bed by pushing his food dish all over my hardwood floors, meowing incessantly, and inexplicably running back and forth across my apartment. And when that didn't work, he stood on my chest and meowed directly into my face, to, I assume, talk abut how awesome Jacboy Ellsbury is. On that, we agree. ( Basegirl)

Jacoby Ellsbury: The Love Affair Begins: Goodbye, Coco. It's been good having you -- I mean that. You've been a cheerful presence and a defensive beast in center field. But you have to know as well as the rest of us that your time here has passed. Tonight Jacoby Ellsbury became the stuff of instant legend. 4-for-5 and 2 RBI and solid defense as a rookie in a World Series game, and as Kristen put it, "free tacos to boot." ( Cursed to First)

Who Died and Made You Jacoby Ellsbury?: Honestly, with all this pre-game talk of humidors and sea level and mountain air, part of me was convinced that our biggest concern was going to be Red Sox players just drifting off into the atmosphere, untethered by gravity. But it was nice to see that even within carvernous Coors Field, the Sox just kept rolling, handing out the ass-kickage and spurred on by Jacoby and Dustin Pedroia -- the one-two punch that will from this day forward be referred to by me as "Ellsbury 'n' Elf" -- leading the charge. ( Surviving Grady)

Oh, and for the record, Mr. Kevin Youkilis is not getting ahead of himself  and Manny Ramirez doesn't want to eat his cake before his birthday. So, there's that.

Tonight, Game 4. Just don't blame Kelly regardless what happens, OK?

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