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Over the course of his career, Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones(notes) has built a relationship of mutual admiration with New York Mets fans. So much so that he named his son after Shea Stadium.

Might Mets third baseman David Wright(notes) be after a similar give and take with Braves fans in Atlanta? Even if he isn't, Wright is going to get a lot of Southern-fried love for this round of catch he conducted with some young Braves fans before Sunday's game.

Deservedly so:

Wow, what a thrill those tosses must have been for those kids. It's one thing to get an impersonal autograph while you're crushed by dozens of other seekers, it's another to have an actual catch with an All-Star third baseman before the game.

And after a couple of disappointing seasons from the Mets, it's nice to see a reminder of something that has easily been forgotten: David Wright is truly one of the league's good guys.

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