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Well, the All-Star Game is officially over.

For me, it was an incredible experience. There is no way to truly prepare for everything thrown at you your first time at this event except to experience it. Players in both leagues were great in showing me the ropes. I also have to thank the city of St. Louis for making this an amazing All-Star experience. What a great baseball town that is. The fans are true, loyal and passionate.

Meeting President Obama was great. Being from Chicago, most people assume I have met him, but I've never even been close. He's the most powerful man in the world. The meeting was brief, so I didn't get to say everything I wanted to, especially as it pertains to discussing educational initiatives with him, but it was still very cool to shake his hand and say hello.

I didn't want to write too lengthy blog this time around. Instead, I figured I would share a couple videos I took on my iPhone on Tuesday to show you the experience. The first clip is of President Obama making the rounds in the American League clubhouse — I had to shut it off when he approached — and the second is of the amazing autograph tables. 

I hope you guys enjoy them!

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