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Report: A-Rod and Cam Diaz no longer buttering each other up

Alex Rodriguez(notes) and Cameron Diaz's kernel of a relationship has reportedly popped.

Or so says something called, a website apparently so credible that the NY Daily News is willing to show its faith by spreading this gossip further. (The Stew, too!)

"They've broken up …." a source said. "[Cameron is] hurt and betrayed, because she tried so hard to please him … She went overboard"

The cute couple, as you may remember, was the biggest story at the Super Bowl (Packers who?) when FOX cameras caught the movie star hand-feeding the New York Yankees third baseman with popcorn coming back from a commercial break. A-Rod reportedly went "ballistic" over the whole thing, but not really because he then used the incident to open spring training with a pretty funny line.  Other Stew headlines over the course of their relationship include Diaz possibly being used as bait to get A-Rod's 600th home run ball back and a mentally disturbed man rushing the field during a playoff game so he could confront A-Rod over his relationship with the famous actress.

Diaz recently publicly acknowledged their relationship for the first time. No word, though, if any celebrity reporters questioned her with a copy of the Stew's infamous A-Rod/centaur photoshop (like one previously did with Kate Hudson).

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