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Nyjer Morgan doesn’t realize it’s 9th inning until he wins gameA terrifying, then wonderful thought came to Nyjer Morgan(notes) as he noticed teammates streaming out of the Milwaukee Brewers dugout.

They were running after him to celebrate his tie-breaking, game-ending RBI double and a 7-6 victory over the New York Mets!

Oh, wait, it was the ninth inning? Morgan, via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, claimed he didn't know.

"I thought it was the bottom of the eighth," he said with a sheepish giggle.

Oh, Nyjer. Major league players often lose track of the ball-strike count. Over the course of a 162-game season, they might not even know what day it is. But in the late innings, with a tie score, usually they mentally tune in and ... oh, well. Ignorance really can be blissful.

"It's probably a good thing that I thought it was the bottom of the eighth because I didn't feel as much pressure," Morgan said. "I guess it worked out as a good thing for us."

It's not like we didn't already know Nyjer was a little different. This only enhances the legend of Tony Plush, his alter ego. (Unless Nyjer is the alter ego.)

Morgan's wackiness capped a madcap Brewers comeback against the New York Mets, who led 6-2 in the eighth but couldn't stop Prince Fielder(notes), whose second two-run home run of the game tied the score.

In a postgame interview that has to be seen to be believed — if not understood — Morgan (who comes in after Fielder) further explained what was going through his head. We embedded another version below:

"I didn't know! I thought we were [just] winning! ... Man, I didn't even know what time it was right there. I mean, we got all the scoreboards out there and everything."

And everything! Hey, what was that about Usain Bolt (or, "Hussein Bolt," as Nyjer apparently called him)?

"Poppin' it back and lettin' it fly. You see it! You see it! I'm throwing up the 'T'!"

Nyjer might need a timeout. Too much sugar.

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