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1. If I've seen one "Yo, Adrian!" headline this morning, I've seen a dozen. They've all been caused by the Red Sox signing of third baseman Adrian Beltre(notes) to a one-year deal (plus a one-year player's option) that could be worth as much as $14 million.

My initial thought is that this is a rare deal that happens to be a win-win for both sides. For Beltre, it's a sing-for-your-supper contract that could end in a shot at a World Series ring and an even bigger deal. For the Red Sox, it's a chance to upgrade from Mike Lowell(notes) at third — they'll still have to move him, by the way, but they can afford it — while not spending all that much money on a Gold Glove third baseman.

In other words: The rich get richer while Boston blogs and newspapers get practice in using that headline for the eventual arrival of Adrian Gonzalez(notes). Yahoo! Sports

2. Peter Abraham takes a few words to calm down any bonehead Red Sox fans who might be non-plussed with the move. Beltre plays excellent defense at third and his bat has been freed from the number-numbing influence of Safeco Field. He should also be healthy, which will put him in position to post big totals that would bring him the big multi-year deal he was originally looking for. Boston Globe 

3. After originally seeking a four-year deal in the neighborhood of $50 million, Scott Boras is now busy spinning by saying that Beltre had richer deals on the table. That may be true, but it's not as if they were turning down tens of million to play in Boston. Circling The Bases 

4. Jay Gargiulo takes an excellent in-depth look at the oft-repeated bit that Javier Vazquez(notes) can't pitch for a contending team. Even cites some old data from the Stew. Fack Youk

5. The Mets are said to be "very interested" in re-signing Carlos Delgado(notes). MLBTR

6. The rumored A-Rod/Kate Hudson split is rumored to have been caused by A-Rod's continuing infatuation with Madonna. Perhaps sticking with that Like A Prayer ringtone was a bad choice, Alex? Hollywood Gossip

7. For those of you who are oh-so-hungry for the melding of baseball and tabloids, don't worry. Matt Kemp(notes) has been spotted smooching Rihanna. Sons of Steve Garvey

8. I've said it before and I'll say it again: An America without Bob Barker and Chris Sabo playing prominent leadership roles is not an America I want to live in. (Fast forward to the 0:59 mark to see both great men come together ... sort of.) OMGReds

9. Instead of adding a third franchise to New York, here's an expansion plan that would add teams in Portland and Memphis. I like speculative brainstorming in the winter, but I don't see much benefit — apart from expansion fees —from two more teams. South Side Sox

10. One White Sox fan thinks the team should sign Aroldis Chapman in a move to help make Cuba their AAAA affiliate. 312 Sports 

11. Rob Iracane can't help himself from piling on Jon Heyman's HOF ballot. Walkoff Walk

12. Tony Gwynn's(notes) daughter is getting married on WeTV's Platinum Weddings. I'd offer congratulations to the proud papa, but the wedding has to cost over $400,000 for it to be featured on that show. Yeeeouch. Gaslamp Ball

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