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Since the AP baseball photo feed is guaranteed to be barren for the next month or so, I thought it might be fun to kick off some theme weeks for our fabled Create-a-Caption contests. This week, it's baseball players and animals

In our year's first entry, we have the late Catfish Hunter accepting a 5,500-pound elephant as a gift upon his retirement from the Yankees in 1979. According to the AP, he also received "a truck, a car, a television (and) two shotguns" that day. The AP does not identify the little boy.

So have at it, amateur Internet copy editors of the world. How should this caption read?

Follow the jump to find winners from our pre-holiday C-a-C, which was also Yankee-themed:

What $240 million worth of initials looks like

1st — jlpamc.
AJ: Hey CC, how'd you get a bigger contract than me?
CC: If we make the playoffs, I have to pinch hit for A-Rod.  
2nd — zubee.
"I thought they said they built this city on rock and roll?"

3rd — Johnny Appleseed. 

A.J.: Hi, I'm a Mac.
CC: And I'm a PC.
A.J.: And together...
Both: We're able to photoshop ourselves into this picture. 

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