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Established: Feb. 2003
Twitter: @angelswin
Specialty: Providing rich Major & Minor league content for Angels fans on the net
Post We're Proud of: Top 50 Greatest Moments in Angels BaseballThe Bane ConnectionTop 50 Prospects, Sweet Revenge at last, Scott Kazmir interview — before his first start as an Angel in Seattle.
Who We Are: "We are the Internet home for Angels fans. Providing both content on our blog and discussions on our message board, is an Angels Web site of the fans, by the fans, for the fans. With thousands of members and daily readers, has reached international, national and local readers on the net. Credentialed by the Angels front office in '09, heard locally on the Angels AM 830 radio and partnered with the Orange County Register's Angels Blog, has a strong local presence. Nationally, we were selected by USA Today to Blog on the Angels during the '09 ALDS and ALCS last year and contacted us to produce their prospect guide for the Los Angeles Angels which will hit the magazine rack in stores soon. Internationally we were hit up by the Mainichi Newspaper and most recently by the Japan Times for a Matsui feature."

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Halos Heaven RSS
March 2005
Rowdy analysis of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Post We're Proud of:
Announcer Bashing, Comics, Minor Leaguers
Who We Are*:
"Rev. Halofan (aging punk rock fossil), WI.HalofanRghan (Wisconsin-based mad cartoonist), (Harvard-based minor league analyst), Cupie (retired indie rockstar) and Scottnak (the man with a real job). We have over 3,500 registered members in our SBN community. Their contributions to the site are awesome and often correctly punctuated. OC Register sportswriter Mark Whicker (of Jaycee fame), hates us but there is not an Angels fan on the Internet who goes a day without reading us. We have a site mascot, the Panther. Why? Because the Rally Monkey could be copyright at any moment."

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Monkey With A Halo
April 2009
Analysis, commentary, satire/humor, game coverage, link aggregation and just generally being awesome
Post We're Proud of:
Don't Blame Tony Reagins... Yet
Who We Are:
"Part of the Fanball Sports Network, is the blog all Angel fans can rally around.  We strive to provide a healthy mix of serious analysis and irreverent humor without all that unsightly raging homerism or ugly unjustified pessimism."

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SoCal Sports Hub RSS
Established: April 2008  
Twitter: @socalsportshub  
Specialty: Recaps and Opinions about Recent Developments  
Posts We're Proud Of: The Day the Angels Stood Still: A Look At Back L.A.'s Black Monday and What Lies Ahead, Death of a Journalist: How Print Media is Dying in LA  
Who We Are: A large group of loyal Los Angeles sports fan, each member with specific knowledge regarding an individual facet of the SoCal sports world, be it USC, the Lakers, or the NFL. 

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True Grich RSS
Established: September 2009
: @truegrich  
Specialty: Stories based on personal experience, commentary/analysis, an occasional snarky comment or two, attempts at humor, and original photographs and in the near future — videos
Post Most Proud of
:  I'd like to think all of them, but my first post really set the tone.
Who We Are: "Lifelong Angel fan and season ticket holder, who attends more than 70 games a year, including some road games, spring training and visits to other baseball stadiums around the country ...  I'm someone who is passionate about the Angels, hates the A's and no longer acknowledges the existence of John Lackey(notes) Proud member of the 514 Fanatics and an autograph collector. Also — in case you couldn't tell by the name of the blog; Bobby Grich is my all-time favorite Angel."   

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Underneath the Halo
Established: December 2009
Twitter: @1234sunlight
Specialty: Humorous commentator, observer 
Post I'm proud of: The Offseason sucks...and the greatest moments of 2009
Who I am: "I'm a 17-year-old female who has been in love with the Angels ever since the family betrayed our hometown of Los Angeles by joining the Rally Monkey movement. The rest as they say is history. Through my blog I hope to accomplish a few things such as: a safe environment for fans of all teams/ages/ethnicities to discuss the game of baseball, give updates/opinions on the Angels and share my love of the game with other females and the Asian-American community. With that in mind I bring my silly, childlike humor and my personality to every post I write, all the while researching different stats and incorporating them as well. My dream is for this blog to become more than it already has." 

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Mainstream media

Mike DiGiovanna, Los Angeles Times Blog
Sam Miller, Orange County Register
@SamMillerOCR Blog

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Other outlets

6-4-2, Future Angels, Go Halos, i heart halos, The Angels, In Order

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