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Well, here's a downer going into the Presidents Cup: International captain Greg Norman has separated from his wife of 15 months, tennis legend Chris Evert. They were all smiles there at right at the Masters in April, but apparently things have turned south since then.

The announcement is a bit of spin control on Norman's part as he prepares for the Presidents Cup; wives are expected to have high visibility, and the absence of an 18-time Grand Slam winner just might have raised a couple of eyebrows.

Evert and Norman are both Hall of Famers in their individual sports, and both had previously been married. Norman's marriage had ended with him paying $100 million to his ex-wife and blaming her for some of his troubles on the course.

Evert and Norman haven't said whether they plan to divorce. In a joint statement, the couple said, "We will remain friends and supportive of one another's family," which unfortunately doesn't seem to imply that they'll be a couple for long. Hopefully this gets resolved as amicably as these things can be.

Norman, Evert say they have separated [AP via Yahoo! Sports]

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