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If you tuned in to the Golf Channel on Wednesday expecting to see the world's greatest golfers dueling in match play, you were satisfied ... as long as you didn't want to see anybody ranked higher than No. 3.

The coverage wasn't all-Tiger Woods, all the time, but it certainly didn't comprise the full breadth of the field. Neither Lee Westwood nor Martin Kaymer got much airtime, leading Westwood to tweet in a huff:

Ian Poulter was bounced early but apparently spent most of the plane ride back to Orlando tweaking Westwood and anyone else who would listen, with jibes like this:

The conspiracy theorists would point to the fact that the Europeans are leaving the U.S. in ever-greater numbers. The America-firsters would say that the Euros just aren't as interesting to watch. Either way, it'll be interesting to see how the broadcasters handle this perceived Euro-bias the rest of the way.

Unfortunately, we've received an early screener of today's coverage, and it doesn't look promising. Here's a screencap:

Aw, come on! I thought we weren't going to write about him anymore!

[Photo via Deadspin.]

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Devil Ball Golf

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