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The late former lightweight champion Diego Corrales was one of Shane Mosley's closest friends before dying in a May 7 motorcycle accident near his Las Vegas home.

When Mosley enters the ring for the first time since that tragic night, he'll try to channel a bit of Corrales, one of boxing's fiercest warriors.

Mosley and his wife, Jin, will bring Corrales' widow, Michelle, to New York to sit ringside to watch him bid for the WBA welterweight title against Miguel Cotto in Madison Square Garden.

But Mosley also said his trunks will include some sort of patch in memory of his late friend. Mosley said he hasn't completed the design yet.

"I had to do something in Diego's memory, because he was such a good friend," Mosley said. "It was tough to lose a friend that way. He always would say he'd retire before he was 30, but I didn't expect it to be like that.

"Diego and Michelle were really special and so we'll bring Michelle with us."

Mosley, who has predicted a knockout of the unbeaten champion, laughed when recalling the way Corrales used his boxing ability.

Corrales could box, Mosley said, but preferred to slug it out.
"He was so stubborn and so macho," Mosley said. "I've always said you can tell the way a person is in life by the way he fights and that was true with Diego. He could move his head and slip and slide and box. He could do that all real well, but he chose not to.

"He just wanted to get it on and would try to knock guys out all the time. That's why people loved him so much, because he gave of himself so much in there. He wanted to be entertaining and he never wanted to leave the fans unhappy."

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