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LAS VEGAS  -- Round-by-round action from the Mandalay Bay Events Center: 


The crowd is roaring as referee Tony Weeks gives his final instructions.

Barrera lands two wide rights. Pacquiao is flicking his jab. Slow pace in the first 30 seconds. Barrera lands a hook to the ribs. Pacquiao isn't throwing. Barrera lands a short right. Pacquiao is inexplicably not doing much. Good straight left by Pacquiao finally. Weeks warns Pacquiao for holding Barrera is also not doing much now. Both miss wildly. Pacquiao lands two lefts. Hard right hook by Pacquiao.

He's taking over in the latter part of the round.

Pacquiao's round, 10-9


Pacquiao opens with a double jab and then a hook to the body. Combination inside by Pacquiao. Straight left by Pacquaio and a hook to the body from Barrera.

Barrera warned for going low. Barrera flicking a jab but not doing much. Pacquiao is pumping his jab now.

Good 1-2 from Pacquiao. Barrera lands a left hook.

Left to the body by Pacquiao, answered by a left to the body. Pacquiao lands three rights. Barrera is backing toward the ropes. Pacquiao lands a hard left at the bell.

Pacquiao's round, 10-9


Barrera misses a wild left. Pacquiao lands a good right hook. Straight left by Pacquiao. Barrera is jabbing occasionally, but it's usually short. Lead right from Barrera lands. Pacquaio lands a 1-2.

Barrera counters with a good right, his best shot.

They exchange in the middle of the ring. Lead left by Pacquiao. Pacquiao is jabbing. He's using the jab way more than normal. Barrera is missing badly. Good combination from Pacquiao at the bell.

Pacquiao's round, 10-9


Pacquiao is pushing the pace, though there aren't as many punches being thrown. Straight left from Pacquiao. Barrera lands a combination and Pacquiao returns fire. Weeks warns Barrera for holding. With a minute left in the round, the pace has slowed. Right hand by Barrera. Barrera isn't throwing much. Pacquiao misses a left.

Pacquiao's round, 10-9


Barrera only landed five punches in each of the last two rounds. He needs to pick up the pace. Pacquiao isn't a ball of fire at this point, but he's the only one throwing and landing consistently. Nice left inside by Pacquiao. Combination to the body and head from Barrera. Good left hook from Barrera. Pacquiao lands a right. Hard right from Pacquiao. Barrera fires back and they have a great exchange on the ropes.

Barrera seems to wobble Pacquiao a bit with a right.

Crowd chanting for Pacquiao. Best action of the fight now. Pacquiao lands a combination. Hard right hook and a straight left by Pacquiao. Barrera throws a three-punch combination. By far, the most action of the fight in this round, especially in the final 90 seconds.

Barrera's round, 10-9


Pace slowed again to start the sixth. Pacquiao lands a lead right that pushes Barrera into the corner.

Pacquiao lands a combination. Barrera spins off the ropes, but isn't punching. Pacquiao lands a right-left. Barrera fires a left to the ribs. Another combination to the body from Barrera. Good exchange on the ropes. Pacquiao lands a hard right. Pacquiao comes back with a straight left to the chin. Barrera can't take a lot of these hard shots.

Pacquiao's round, 10-9


According to CompuBox stats, Pacquiao has a 104-52 edge in punches landed through six rounds. Pacquiao lands a lead right. Barrera is circling but not firing a lot. Pacquiao lands a hook to the body. Hard right-left from Pacquiao. Straight right lands from Barrera. Crowd chanting for Pacquiao. With 30 seconds left in the round, the pace is slow. Barrera is doing next to nothing. Pacquiao lands a combination.

Pacquiao's round, 10-9


Pacquiao lands a left to open the round. Pacquiao lands a right as a counter to a Barrera left. Barrera lands a right hand. If Barrera is going to win this fight, he's going to have to pick up the pace and throw more. Good left by Pacquiao. Barrera lands a right. Barrera pops a jab. Right hand from Pacquiao lands. Barrera finally throws a combination, but Pacquiao ducks under it.

Pacquiao's round, 10-9


Barrera again is backing and circling but not punching as the round opens. Good combination from Pacquiao.

Pacquiao lands a good combination that backs Barrera to the ropes. Barrera fights his way off, but nothing really lands. Pacquiao lands a pair of straight left hands. Right-left combination from Barrera. Right-left from Pacquiao. Barrera can't pull the trigger. He looks like a fighter ready to retire.

Pacquiao's round, 10-9


Pacquiao lands a left. Barrera flicks a jab. Pacquiao shoeshines a combination on the ropes. Barrera eats a hard right. Pacquiao is chasing Barrera, who is circling away and not fighting. Barrera steps in with a right to the body. Pacquiao doubles the jab. Lead left by Pacquiao snaps Barrera's head back. Hard left by Pacquiao with about five seconds remaining in the round.

Pacquiao's round, 10-9


Trainer Freddie Roach told Pacquiao to stop fooling around between rounds. Pacquiao lands a jab and then a short left. Hard left from Pacquiao. Pacquiao lands a

1-2 as he appears to be picking up the pace, maybe to try to stop Barrera. Barrera lands a short right.

Pacquiao stumbled but the crowd thought he was hurt, which he was not. Two jabs and two lefts back Barrera up. Another left wobbles Barrera with 45 seconds left.

Barrera hits Pacquiao on the break with 37 seconds left in the round. The doctor is looking at Pacquiao.

Barrera is bleeding under his eye. Weeks deducts a point from Barrera for the late punch. Pacquiao had a

29-7 edge in punches landed.

Pacquiao's round, 10-8 with the point deduction


It is Pacquiao who comes out faster at the beginning.

Barrera just doesn't have a lot of zip. Right hand lands by Pacquiao. Combination by Pacquiao. Barrera lands a right. Pacquiao connects with a lead left.

Barrera is circling. Pacquiao fires a combination that backs Barrera up. Barrera seems willing to accept the outcome. They trade jabs.

Pacquiao's round, 10-9

Yahoo! Sports has it 119-108 for Pacquiao. All three judges score it for Manny Pacquiao: Jerry Roth has it 118-109; Tommy Schreck has it 115-112; Glenn Trowbridge sees it 118-109.

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