Red Sox honor Boston Marathon bombing victims during championship parade

In a heart-warming moment on a feel good day in Boston, members of the Red Sox paid tribute to victims of the Boston Marathon as their rolling rally traveled down Boylston Street on Saturday morning.

As the parade reached the finish line, the site of the first bombing on April 15, the procession came to a halt and a moving tribute was held with Jonny Gomes and Jarrod Saltalamacchia stepping off their vehicles to acknowledge and interact with victims from that tragic day. They also met with ownership from Marathon Sports and the Forum Restaurant, which were the businesses nearest the bombing sites. The World Series trophy itself was then placed on the finish line, and the 617 Boston Strong jersey that has hung in the Red Sox dugout all season was draped over the trophy symbolizing the unity and strength of the city.

That's a powerful message.

The short ceremony then concluded with the crowd and Red Sox players singing a rendition of "God Bless America."

Planned or not, that added touch was Boston Strong in more ways than one.

It was also reported on the broadcast that a separate ceremony involving David Ortiz took place at the second bombing site. That hasn't been 100% confirmed, but if true that's another wonderful gesture on the Red Sox part. They really hit a home run with this championship rally.

Obviously, this is a day of celebration for the people of Boston, as no one brings them more joy than their Red Sox. But it's also a day of remembrance as they come together and continue the healing process.

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