Munenori Kawasaki of Blue Jays plays catch with fans at U.S. Cellular Field

David Brown

Munenori Kawasaki of the Toronto Blue Jays might be having fun living the life of a Major League Baseball player. Long before the first pitch of his team's game Monday night at the Chicago White Sox, Kawasaki indulged a few fans who had gathered at U.S. Cellular Field. They probably were there to watch batting practice, or get some autographs, or whatever. But they also happened to bring gloves, so Kawasaki played catch with them, including one chap in a Vernon Wells shirsey. Now there's a Jays fan who's paid some dues.

You might remember the hilarious bilingual-ish interview Kawasaki gave earlier this season after he contributed to a big win at the Rogers Centre, in which he whipped out a phrasebook to help his English along.

His actions at Chicago needed no translating.

Kawasaki and the fans got so into it, they were even giving him some grounders so he could show off a little. Kawasaki's last throw into the stands was a flip through the legs, after saying thank you in Japanese — "arigato" — with a bow to the motley crew. The last thing you hear on the clip is one of them asking politely — yet incredibly — if Kawasaki would sign autographs. No, Mr. One-Track Mind. What Kawasaki just did by playing catch was about a million times more valuable than his signature on a baseball card. Don't you even know what you already have, son?

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