Yasiel Puig hits 452-foot home run, punctuates with extravagant bat flip

When Yasiel Puig swings a bat, he does so with very bad intentions. It's everything he does on the baseball field that precedes and follows those mighty hacks that he seemingly approaches with good intentions, but sometimes falls short or rubs people the wrong way, therefore setting off endless debates over his maturity.

He gave us another moment that will undoubtedly be debated on Saturday night in Miami. With two runners on in the fourth inning, Puig took his usual healthy cut at a curveball from Marlins right-hander Jacob Turner, and sent the baseball soaring into orbit. it was an absolute no-doubt home run right off the bat, and Puig punctuated the contact with an extravagant and exuberant long distance bat flip back towards the Dodgers dugout.

Honestly, the entire sequence went down with such fluidity, it almost looked like Puig had been planning it and practicing it for days leading in. And who knows, maybe he did. It was near perfect if you enjoy judging bat flips.  

When the bat landed, the baseball was still traveling at a good pace. When the baseball finally landed, the Dodgers had three runs on the board, and Puig had a new career long home run at an estimated 452-feet, according to ESPN Hit Tracker.

It wasn't quite Giancarlo Stanton territory in Miami. The Marlins big man still holds the season's longest blast at 484-feet, achieved on April 4. But it was a mighty impressive blast nonetheless, and it certainly played a big role in the Dodgers eventual 9-7 victory in 11 innings.

To some, that's all that will matter. That Puig's home run helped produce a victory. To others, well, it's Yasiel Puig being Yasiel Puig, which is never acceptable. But if we're being completely honest, how many people wouldn't take a moment to admire that handiwork? There's no wind strong enough to knock that baseball down, so there's no harm in enjoying it. 

The only caveat if you're Puig — if you're going to bat flip, it won't always be met with the indifference Miami showed here. Pitchers can be sensitives creatures, so his best bet is to keep his head down and keep doing his thing.

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