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Earlier this week I made the assertion that Novak Djokovic's game has improved as he's done less silly things like imitating people on the court. This video of Djokovic imiating Maria Sharapova's new Head commercial proves that, as per usual, I have very little idea what I'm talking about.


0:15 -- The Sharapova shoulder shimmy.

0:18 -- He has that fist pump down pat. Roger Federer says he doesn't like to watch tennis when he's not playing it. Novak Djokovic must have to study it to get Sharapova down so well.

0:39 -- Djokovic's eyes during the interview have been making me laugh all morning.

0:58 -- "I'm really happy with the racquet because you have to have a racquet when you're taking your hands, you have to have something that you have trust in, that you feel comfortable with on the court." If Djokovic ever did a Federer parody video, he could use the same line because this is exactly like something Fed would say.

Sharapova's response:

HAHAHA did you see what Novak Djokovic posted? Hey @Novak, is that your new road to success - trying to be me? I am a little disappointed you did not wear my dress and think you could work on your body language a bit more! And the hair... no comment on that... what do you guys think?

All the video was missing was Djokovic putting on a brown wig and imitating Sasha Vujacic. Also, the double faults. Not enough double faults.

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Busted Racquet

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