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World No. 5-ranked Andy Roddick won the 2003 U.S. Open. He is providing his thoughts and commentary during this year's Open, courtesy of Lacoste.

NEW YORK – Ever since I married my wife Brooke in April, I have had as many questions about my personal life as about my tennis.

I don't mind - it is a happy subject - but it always makes me laugh when people ask about how it has affected my game.

Getting married doesn't change the fact that I still want to win as many matches and as many tournaments as I can. It doesn't change the fact that I want to win the U.S. Open and be as successful as I can be.

In many ways life has not really changed from how it has been for the last couple of years. The wedding was a wonderful time and an incredible experience, but things have carried on pretty much the same way that made us happy before.

The area in which my marriage has made a positive difference is in having a partner who understands something about what you do and how much it means.

We are both very career-driven, and we support each other in whatever we do. To have that kind of backing when you step on court is a huge lift.

I was pleased to get past Marc Gicquel in the second round, and I am pretty happy with how I am hitting the ball. I am picking my shots well, making good decisions on when to hold back a little and when to let it fly.

Next up is another American, John Isner, who has done well to get through to the third round and is a dangerous player.

Check back in with this blog later in the tournament for more of my thoughts on the U.S. Open.

Editor's note: Andy Roddick's comments on the Gicquel match and the upcoming Isner match were not exclusive to Yahoo! Sports.

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Busted Racquet

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