• Victims in British sex-abuse scandal unite, call for justice

    Victims in British sex-abuse scandal unite, call for justice

    MANCHESTER, England (AP) The man whose harrowing testimony of being sexually abused by a youth coach sparked an ongoing crisis in English soccer wants to take the issue to a global level. “I can’t even begin to give you the numbers of people contacting me directly, not just footballers and ex-footballers but members of the public,” Andy Woodward told The Associated Press on Monday. “It’s everywhere.” If he’s not too weary by the sheer scale of the scandal he helped to uncover, Woodward will fly to New York on Wednesday to speak to an American broadcaster about his 30-year journey from abused youth player to an inspiration to millions. “I personally know that in America, there are certain things

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    Bolivia detains airline's president as crash probe advances

    The head of the charter airline whose plane crashed in the Andes last week was detained by Bolivian prosecutors for questioning Tuesday as authorities look into whether the tragedy that killed 71 people stemmed from negligence. Gustavo Vargas, a retired Bolivian air force general, was picked up in Santa Cruz along with a mechanic and secretary who worked for him at LaMia airline. All are being questioned about their roles in letting a British-built short-range jet attempt a more than four-hour flight from Santa Cruz to Medellin, Colombia, for which it barely had enough fuel in violation of aviation norms.

  • Champions League preview: Real Madrid, BVB play for critical seed

    Champions League preview: Real Madrid, BVB play for critical seed

    Unlike Tuesday’s UEFA Champions League group stage finales, which featured a lot of dead rubber, Wednesday’s docket has heavy weighted matches. Look no further than the Bernabeu, where Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund duke it out for Group F honors. After drawing in Germany, the onus is on Real to scoop up a win at home. A draw or better gives BVB the seeded berth in the next round. Given where fellow Bundesliga and La Liga sides finished, the knockout round opponents make the seeded spot quite interesting. If Real wins the group… Real could play PSG, Benfica, Man City, Bayern Munich, Bayer Leverkusen, Juventus or Lyon, Porto or Copenhagen. BVB could play Leicester City, Monaco, Atletico Madrid,